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A fantastic floor based workout that strengthens and mobilizes your whole body with particular emphasis on the core musculature. You will be taken through deceptively gentle exercises that lengthen, rotate and laterally flex the spine, but all from a standard base ‘resting’ position that neutralises the spine.


The only pre-requisite is that you can comfortably lie on the floor. It can improve posture and strength over a period of time, but can relax and extend you in just one or 2 sessions. You are encouraged to work at your own pace, with relaxing background music.


Group classes run at the Holy Trinity church hall, Link Top in Malvern on Monday at 10am, Tuesday 2pm and Wednesday at 10.30am and 5.45pm. beginners are welcome at any time, and more individual teaching will be given to anyone just starting. Unlike many other sessions that are around, the mood is kept 'light' and the serious and subtle aspect of this type of exercise can sometimes be subtly hidden with humour.  Wear comfortable clothes, and be prepared to arrive 10 minutes early to discuss your history and background information with the tutor.


Anyone can benefit, whatever your age, and minor joint aches and pains can be alleviated quite quickly in many cases.